Malloy Data Notebooks: A picture is now worth 10,000 words

March 14, 2023, by lloyd tabb

We always knew that putting Malloy into a data notebook would be pretty great, but I don’t think we quite realized how great it would be.

Exploring the TPC-DS Benchmark Queries with Malloy

February 24, 2023, by Carlin Eng

This is an amazing piece of work by @carlineng.

The TPC-DS benchmark is 100 very complex decision support SQL queries.  Carlin converted them all to Malloy and wrote about the experience.  A long valuable read.

"Malloy is Incomplete" and the Turducken

January 23, 2023, by lloyd tabb and Michael Toy

Designing a new language is hard. There are two competing forces.

Data is Rectangular and other Limiting Misconceptions

January 18, 2023, by lloyd tabb

Malloy breaks data's rectangular strangle hold.

Rewriting TPC-DS queries using Malloy

11.30.2022, by Carlin Eng

Composing with Queries

11.25.2022, by lloyd tabb and Michael Toy

Malloy's semantic modeling and querying enables an exciting new way to explore data.

Exploring data with only a webserver

November 24, 2022, by lloyd tabb

Malloy Composer lets you build a web based data exploration experience by adding just 3 files to your data model.

Exploring Data With Only a Webserver 

11.24.2022, by lloyd tabb

Designing Malloy 2 — Filters 

07.19.2022, by Michael Toy

Designing Malloy 1 — The Syntactic Shell 

05.16.2022, by Michael Toy

Designing Malloy 0 — Introduction 

05.02.2022, by Michael Toy