An experimental language for data

Welcome to Malloy - an open source language that offers a new way to compose with data, to expose the intelligence you need, all with a single query.

Each query you write in Malloy is a building block for the next level of understanding. The more queries you build, the more refined your understanding becomes. 

Malloy is the first hyper-dimensional programming language built for the needs of a big data world.

What is hyper-dimensionality?

When you're working with complex data, and want to see the relationships between data, Hyper-dimensionality allows composition not just with measures and dimensions, but with entire queries and across the relationship graph. This exposes all the interesting facets of a data set, simultaneously, in an easy and understandable way.

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Model and Query

Malloy is a semantic data model and a query language in one. Seamlessly build your reusable model as you go.


Reusable components that expose all the relationships within the data set simultaneously and in a single view.

Superpower your SQL

Malloy writes SQL, optimized for your BigQuery, DuckDB or Postgres (beta) database.

How it works

Discover how easy it is to write queries using Malloy to produce rich hierarchical views of data.

No more rewriting queries to create hierarchies. Queries are reusable components in Malloy.

See relationships and dimensions of the data simultaneously - giving you unparalleled insights.


Try Malloy in one of our no-install, completely web-based demo environments.

Online Editor

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Explore data modeled in Malloy

Malloy Composer lets you build a web based data exploration experience by adding just 3 files to your data model. Learn more

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Install Malloy to use with your own data.

VSCode Extension

Develop and explore Malloy models.


Explore modeled data in a visual composer application.



Language reference and Quickstart guide


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Discussion, feature requests, and bug tracking

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